July 22, 2019.

On Friday July 19, 2019, Betsy J. Pimentel, Vice President, Defense Programs at Stellar Solutions, Inc. appeared on Yahoo Finance LIVE – Yfi AMa nationwide web-based news program, to discuss the historic anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.  Betsy was asked about her perspective as a woman aerospace engineer, how the industry has evolved and where it is headed.  The story was at the top of the Yahoo Finance headlines website page on Saturday 7/20/19!

Watch this 3-minute clip to hear:

  • How the proliferation of communications, video and audio technologies is changing the dynamics and landscape of space exploration and how this will lead to new discoveries.
  • How the role of women has grown from the time when Stellar Solutions Founder and Board Chair Celeste Ford was one of the few women in the control center launching satellites, to today when female aerospace engineers are a vital component of the workforce.
  • How the pursuit of a return to the moon and even Mars is energizing the next generation of aerospace engineers.