On Wednesday, January 12, Stellar Solutions CEO Janet Grondin gave an expert talk on “Crossing Boundaries: Transforming the Space Business on Earth, from Orbit and Beyond” at the Commercial Space Lecture Series hosted by the Space Portal Office at NASA Ames Research Center. These conversations center on the core concepts of space commerce and commercialization of space, to include government investment, public-private partnerships, privatization, and government agencies as part of the market.

Janet Grondin, CEO of Stellar Solutions

This weekly teleconference creates an open dialogue about challenges and opportunities relevant to both NASA and industry among a broad set of participants from civil, commercial and defense sectors as well as the academic, venture capital and engineering communities.

Grondin conveyed her perspective on the robust possibilities that are now available in space, with examples of how Stellar Solutions’ unique concept of “Crossing Boundaries” enables the innovation and problem solving so crucial to the success of the company and the industry as a whole.

  • How the aspirations that we have for humanity in space are increasingly complex – from space travel and a cis-lunar economy; to a cooperative defense, communications and intelligence space ecosystem; to addressing climate change and planetary protection.
  • Why preparing a workforce of people for their dream jobs and cultivating a broader team of experts through a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion will be key to tackling the difficult problems that Stellar Solutions’ customers face in aerospace.
  • How Stellar Solutions’ cross-sector expertise addresses the nation’s space priorities; and how the company crosses boundaries to achieve these goals to improve lives and enhance knowledge on Earth, strengthen national security and public safety from orbit and extend our horizons beyond our orbit.

“I want to send a special thanks to Stellar Solutions’ Civil and Commercial teams for their input,“ Grondin said.

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