May 30, 2020.

On behalf of Stellar Solutions, I want to congratulate SpaceX and NASA for making history with the first launch of astronauts by a private company as part of the Commercial Crew Program, as well as ending the gap in U.S. capability we’ve had since 2011. This mission demonstrates that public-private partnerships can deliver in this new era, and what an exciting time!

Credit: SpaceX/NASA

At Stellar, we will use this moment as energizing fuel for our own date with destiny a few years from now (as we support various aspects of Artemis), and for our ongoing quest to make a difference for our customers and community every day.  

We congratulate and thank NASA and SpaceX for setting such a great example with their valiant efforts to guide our explorers, empower our economy, elevate our country, and inspire our future in space.

About the Author: Michael S. Lencioni is the Chief Executive Officer of Stellar Solutions, Inc.