QuakeFinder Mission: Save Lives by Forecasting Earthquakes

QuakeFinder operates as a humanitarian research project of Stellar Solutions. The project’s goal is to develop technology and methods for detection and analysis of electromagnetic earthquake precursors to produce earthquake forecasts based on sound scientific theory and practice.

Stellar and QuakeFinder built and launched QuakeSat, the first commercial triple cubesat, in 2003. QuakeFinder also maintains a network of sensors up and down the California coast, and around the world, monitoring electromagnetic signals.

Development of a method for a reliable earthquake forecasting requires analysis of signals associated with quakes. To capture those signals, we need more sensors in a wider range of locations. QuakeFinder’s goal is to build and install 100 instruments per year, but we can’t do it without your support—your donation could help save lives!

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QuakeFinder operates an extensive network of instruments monitoring ultra-low frequency electromagnetic emissions in earthquake-prone regions including California, Peru, Taiwan, Greece, Chile, and Indonesia. It is constantly expanding the network to increase the likelihood of capturing data from more quakes. Data recorded by QuakeFinder instruments is transmitted to a data center in Palo Alto, CA where it is analyzed using algorithms invented and developed by QuakeFinder. The processed data is available free of charge to the public on their site.