Chief Executive Officer

Mike Lencioni is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stellar Solutions Inc., a leading provider of expert systems engineering, integration and program management. Serving intelligence, defense, civil, and commercial customers, Stellar Solutions delivers aerospace and systems engineering capabilities involving satellites in space, sensors on Earth, and intricate technology connections across multiple frontiers. Mr. Lencioni has served in many positions at Stellar Solutions since its founding. He recently assumed responsibility for the entire global corporate portfolio which also includes Stellar Solutions Aerospace France and UK-based Stellar Solutions Aerospace Ltd., in addition to his current management, direction, and oversight of all systems engineering and systems integration contract activities.   Under Lencioni’s leadership, this agile business is fulfilling its mission to provide “stellar solutions” that impact the world.

Before being named CEO, Mr. Lencioni served as Stellar’s President and Chief Operations Officer (COO). He was responsible for the management, direction, and oversight of all Stellar Solutions systems engineering and systems integration contract activities. He supported corporate as well the specific contractual requirements for the technical and administrative efforts required to support Stellar Solutions in working various space and space-related projects.

Mr. Lencioni was previously a Senior Systems Engineer at Stellar, providing direction and technical assistance in the installation and integration of a major national space program. He was responsible for evaluating its ground architecture and its viability to operate within an existing operational baseline. Mr. Lencioni also led a contracting and proposal effort for Stellar Solutions for a new space program acquisition.

Prior to joining Stellar Solutions, Mr. Lencioni was a Systems Planning Engineer/Specialist with Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. There he led a team of integration engineers in the technical and administrative activities required to support a major program architecture evolution. Mr. Lencioni acted as technical consultant to the sponsor for accurate engineering, test, and system performance assessments and evaluations of the programs evolution to this new architectural baseline. He provided expert technical support and counsel to the sponsor on all design, programmatic, and integration issues and activities in support of a new aerospace program architecture. Mr. Lencioni provided assessments to various end users, for the sponsor, in support of this new programs integration. He also evaluated the ground element capabilities and vehicle compatibility to determine adequacy to meet program requirements. He was the primary focal point to the ground element developers for end-to-end ground system installation and compliance activities.

Mr. Lencioni has also served in various positions with ARINC and the US Air Force.