November 14, 2019.

Stellar Solutions and its humanitarian R&D initiative QuakeFinder have just published landmark research on earthquake forecasting in Computers & Geosciences, the peer-reviewed academic journal.

The study, which examines electromagnetic earthquake precursors covering the major faults in California from 2005 to 2018, advances QuakeFinder’s research into predictive indications in Earth’s magnetic field that may be identified several days prior to an earthquake. The manuscript, “An algorithmic framework for investigating the temporal relationship of magnetic field pulses and earthquakes applied to California,”  completed peer review and received final acceptance for immediate online and print publication at

To our knowledge, this is the largest ever study of electromagnetic earthquake precursors. The treated data set exceeds prior published research by over an order of magnitude, and suggests, with 98.6% (2.2 sigma) confidence, that the magnetic field exhibits precursory behavior in the period of four to 12 days prior to earthquakes. This paper represents a major step forward in the challenge faced by QuakeFinder to conclusively demonstrate the existence of these precursor signals and then work toward isolation that will allow individual earthquakes to be forecast. While this approach is not yet accurate enough to forecast individual quakes, research indicates that results will improve with enhanced signal processing. Prior warning based on seismic observations currently comes only seconds before earthquakes that kill and injure thousands of people and cause billions of dollars in damage every year. 

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