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About Stellar Solutions

Stellar Solutions is a woman-owned small business founded by Celeste Ford in 1995 with a simple vision: satisfy our customers’ critical needs while realizing our dream jobs. Nearly 20 years later, the company’s guiding principles and strategic value differentiators remain the same.

Our Services

Systems Engineering & Integration for Space and Ground Systems

Concept development, feasibility studies, compliance verification, red team support...

– Requirements definition and allocation
– System/subsystem and hardware design requirements and specifications
– Interface control, requirements and verification
– Satellite constellation planning
– Design review implementation
– System/subsystem integration and test activities: planning, verification and evaluation
– Performance monitoring, compliance verification
– Configuration control processes

Subsystem Expertise

Propulsion, telemetry, data handling, ground networks...

– Remote Sensing instruments
– Communications/RF
– Mechanical and structural mechanisms
– Thermal
– Power
– Attitude dynamics and control
– Telemetry and command
– On-board processing
– Environmental analysis: EMI/EMC, contamination
– Detailed analysis

Continuity, Resiliency & Cyber Engineering

Crisis management, simulation, war games...

– Continuity of operations and resiliency engineering
– Continuity of government and crisis management
– Critical infrastructure identification, prioritization, and protection
– Continuity policy and plan development for Federal, State, and local governments and corporations
– Cyber security exercises, simulations, and war games
– Cyber Strategic Planning
– Analysis-driven lean, executable continuity plans and procedures

Technical Training

Ground networks, systems, subsystems...

– System/subsystem engineering overview
– Ground networks
– System/subsystem operations
– Mission operations
– Leadership coaching

Mission Operations & Engineering

Launch support, anomaly investigation, on-orbit test planning...

– Mission requirements evaluation and analysis
– Launch & early orbit planning & execution
– Mission procedure development, including contingency planning and rehearsal
– Mission data reporting and dissemination
– Launch and mission technical support

Launch Vehicle Engineering Integration & Procurement

Avionics design & test, system design...

– Launch vehicle system design and analysis
– Launch vehicle avionics design and test
– Interface and compatibility analysis
– Interface Control Document development
– Technical and contractual monitoring

Strategic Planning

Roadmap development, architecture planning...

– Architecture planning
– Feasibility studies and analysis
– Master Plan/Roadmap development
– Technology application assessment
– Product and service definition
– Business process re-engineering

Program Management

Budget assessment, cost analysis, risk management...

– Program schedule management
– Budget assessment and cost analysis
– On-Site monitoring
– Technical and contractual compliance assessment
– Risk management
– Insurance procurement management

Due Diligence

For insurers, investment bankers, equity firms...

– Expert Assessment/Expert Witness for Insurers
– Expert Assessment for Investment Bankers
– Expert Assessment for Equity Firms

Our Leadership

Celeste Ford, Board Chair & Founder/CEO

Celeste Ford is Board Chair of Stellar Solutions, Inc., a global provider of systems engineering expertise and a Fortune Magazine “Great Place to Work”. Ford founded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award-winning aerospace company with the vision to satisfy customers’ critical  needs while realizing employees’ dream jobs, through high-impact performance for projects on earth and in space. Ford’s significant experience as CEO included guiding the Stellar Solutions “constellation” to cross boundaries between aerospace sectors and geographies, to offer global reach through its international sister companies, and to improves lives through its corporate foundation and through QuakeFinder, its humanitarian R&D effort. Inducted to the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame in 2011, Ford is a valued board member of multiple organizations in the private and public sectors, and an advocate of community and charitable outreach. She was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, and she contributes well-respected thought leadership to panels and commissions focusing on entrepreneurship and women in business.  A mother of three adult children with her husband Kevin, Celeste Ford received her BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and MS in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford University.

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Michael S. Lencioni, Chief Executive Officer

Mike Lencioni is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stellar Solutions Inc., a leading provider of expert systems engineering, integration and program management. Serving intelligence, defense, civil, and commercial customers, Stellar Solutions delivers aerospace and systems engineering capabilities involving satellites in space, sensors on Earth, and intricate technology connections across multiple frontiers. Mr. Lencioni has served in many positions at Stellar Solutions since its founding. He recently assumed responsibility for the entire global corporate portfolio which also includes Stellar Solutions Aerospace France and UK-based Stellar Solutions Aerospace Ltd., in addition to his current management, direction, and oversight of all systems engineering and systems integration contract activities.   Under Lencioni’s leadership, this agile business is fulfilling its mission to provide “stellar solutions” that impact the world. An experienced Systems Engineer, Lencioni has also served in a variety of technical leadership positions with Lockheed Martin, ARINC, and the U.S. Air Force.

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Great Place to Work

At Stellar Solutions, employee satisfaction is a priority. Named one of the best small & medium workplaces in the United States by Fortune Magazine and Great Place to Work® since 2014, our vision is to satisfy customers’ critical needs while realizing our dream jobs.