Stellar has made it to the morning news!  Melissa and her team performed technical Due Diligence as part of a broader team looking at financial, business, and legal aspects of Momentus, leading to the announcement this week of a SPAC investment which will take Momentus to an IPO next year.

Stellar expertise provided by John Ellison, Alan Davis, Dr. Larry Alder, and Melissa Farrell, was instrumental in assessing the technical feasibility and risks of the MET (water based electro-thermal thruster technology), as well as overall mission concept, programmatics including schedule and resource risks, and providing ‘insiders’ perspective on the market and potential competition looking forward. 

We evaluated the data provided by Momentus, held a number of technical Q&A working sessions with Momentus leadership, and interviewed Momentus customers to develop a multi-faceted perspective on their business, all in the very short span of 2 1/2 weeks.  It’s exciting to see this deal go forward quickly and we’re happy to have supported this innovative new venture!