Stellar Solutions shared its Malcolm Baldrige quality and excellence insights at “Visionary Leadership That Works – Southcentral Foundation with Stellar Solutions,” part of the Baldrige Executive Fellows Program that took place in Anchorage, Alaska, June 21-22.

Jennifer Luce, VP Defense Programs, led with the first presentation for the Conference on Leadership; Janet Grondin, VP Intelligence Programs, headed up a concluding Leadership Panel, and Edward Dane, Senior Systems Engineer and Acquisition/Program Management Specialist, led the Strategy Roundtable providing Strategic Planning Takeaways.

The speakers shared Stellar Solutions’ lasting Vision — to satisfy customers’ critical needs and employees’ dream jobs; its Mission – to provide high impact engineering expertise, and its Values, to do the right thing for customers, employees and the community. 

Jennifer Luce showed how Baldrige practices and processes support the organization’s ongoing commitment to these pillars.  “Stellar Solutions’ leadership team keeps laser-sharp focus on our Vision, and uses the Baldrige Leadership Communication tools and Strategic Planning Processes to keep us true to our culture.” Survey data bear this out:

·      100% of customers say that Stellar Solutions is satisfying a critical program need.

·      99% of Stellar Solutions; employees say that “taking everything into account, Stellar Solutions is a great place to work.”

·      84% of employees are in their Dream Job or working toward it.

·      99% of employees say, “I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community.”

Ed Dane emphasized Stellar Solutions’ ongoing, integrated approach to Baldrige training and communications.  “Ongoing interaction with employees at all levels of the organization and all stages of employment generates the kind of valuable feedback and data that enable continuous process improvements,” he said.

Janet Grondin explained in an interactive session how Stellar Solutions keeps employee teams working cohesively from locations across the country and world.  “Our values define us in who we hire, the clients we partner with, and the culture we develop.  Together we learn from each other and build action plans to achieve our mission success.”