Global aerospace engineering services leader honored for contribution to NASA Headquarters achievements

Stellar Solutions, the global aerospace engineering company, has won a NASA 2020 Small Business Industry Award in the category of the Center-Level Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year.

The award recognizes Stellar Solutions’ work at NASA Headquarters to support the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate’s Human Landing System (HLS) acquisition and Space Technology Mission Directorate’s Lunar Surface Innovation Initiative. To accomplish this, Stellar Solutions called upon its technical experts from its areas of specialty – Civil, Defense, Commercial, Intel and International – from across the company and around the world.

In particular, Stellar Solutions drove strategic analysis and acquisition strategies to support NASA’s “Moon to Mars” mission, a sustainable program of exploration with commercial and international partners to send humans farther into space and bring back to Earth new knowledge and opportunities. One recent high-profile project in this mission was the HLS “Appendix N” awards to Blue Origin, Dynetics, Lockheed Martin, Northup Grumman, and SpaceX for Lunar Lander prototyping and risk reduction.

“Stellar Solutions is proud to bring to bear our expertise across the organization to support NASA’s partnerships among private and public entities. We are honored to support an historic period of space exploration by managing the many vendors who are developing the technology of the future to align with NASA’s architectural standards and continuity,” said Walter Eilers, Vice President, Civil Programs, Stellar Solutions.

Stellar Solutions helped devise the solicitation and acquisition mechanism in NASA’s NextSTEP partnership model to achieve these strategies. NextSTEP is a procurement program enabling NASA to partner with the industry to develop capabilities that meet NASA human space exploration objectives while also supporting industry commercialization plans.

Stellar Solutions’ recognition is the culmination of ten years in support of NASA Headquarters’ mission, including the last three-plus years as a prime contractor.

The company was recognized for providing invaluable solutions in an extremely challenging year complicated by the global pandemic.

As the Stellar Solutions recommendation by NASA read, “Rest assured the first woman and the next man on the moon will owe a piece of their achievement through the hard work and due diligence provided by Stellar Solutions’ involvement and management of the Human Landing System. Through adversity and an advanced schedule, Stellar Solutions assisted in the management of multiple vendors who are developing the technology of the future. Without their steadfast assistance and attention to detail monitoring schedules, delays and other vendor issues, the future may have remained earthbound.”

About the NASA Small Business Awards and Achievement: The NASA Office of Small Business Programs recognizes civil servant and industry achievement in, and in support of, the Agency’s Small Business Program each fiscal year. Annually, OSBP issues a call for nominations for the current Fiscal Year for the Small Business Advocates Awards (SBAA) and Small Business Industry Awards (SBIA) programs from the first Monday in August through mid-October. Individuals and/or teams (SBAA) and companies (SBIA) must be nominated by a NASA civil servant through the NASA Vendor Database in order to be eligible for an award. Self-nominations are not accepted.

About Stellar Solutions, Inc.: Stellar Solutions is a global aerospace and systems engineering services provider to commercial, defense, intelligence, civil and international sectors. Stellar Solutions provides rapid-response capabilities related to global surveillance and cyber-security, space exploration, risk management, and technology optimization. These solutions to clients’ critical needs involve satellites in space, sensors on Earth, and intricate technology connections across multiple frontiers. With physical operations in California, Colorado, the greater Washington DC area, London and France as well as employees throughout the U.S. and the globe, Stellar Solutions has become a recognized leader in delivering end-to-end critical expertise and problem-solving skills to dozens of significant programs. Stellar Solutions Foundation supports employees’ community engagement. QuakeFinder, Stellar Solutions’ humanitarian R&D division, pursues earthquake prediction models.